Ron Harmon is a first year baby-boomer, born March 21, 1947 a the Clovis army air Corp Base after his World War II Army Master Sergeant father returned home from Europe. 

Ron grew up on a high plains farm with a very strict work ethic along with the discipline of an extremely rigid protestant faith. His rebellion to the control of man was the appealing boom in business and culture in America in the sixties and seventies, to become a self-made man with freedom. Thus, the beginning of his self-deception put in motion!  He is an expert on the book of Revelation and has given many lectures on America's economic crisis and events soon to come.  

Currently, Ron is a successful Real Estate Broker in Texas  he has his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Abilene Christian University along with a Certificate in Conflict/Resolution.

Ron and his wife Betty

Ron would like to hear what your thoughts are on our current economic crisis.  Please allow 4-12 hours for a response.  

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