Ron Harmon’s latest book, The 7th Day Humbling of Mankind exposes the deception now flooding the Media and throughout the United States. Full of suspense, this book will carry you through the New World Order in such detail as never before. The Global Economic Collapse in America is upon us and December 21, 2012 is fast approaching. 

This book will answer questions like; will we suffer tribulation and disappear into thin air? Will December 21, 2012 be the end, or the Beginning of the End of the Age? And what about the G-20?, the Arab Spring?, and the European Union? What about the Movie Left Behind, is it scriptural? Is the Church feeding their sheep or starving them? 

But, most of all what about God’s chosen people and land Israel? The day we turn our back on Israel will most assuredly be a day of punishment for America according to bible prophecy and the book of Revelation.

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June 15, 2012

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